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KDM Productions, based just outside Denver, Colorado, was founded in 2001 by Kevin Mauch. Kevin has been working in the field of video production since 1994 and graduated from the University of Colorado with a B.A. in Recording Arts in 1998. He then moved to Denver in early 1999 and ever since he’s worked steadily in various fields of video and film production.

From 1999-2004, Kevin served as a full-time Producer and Senior Editor with a veteran Denver-based production company. As Producer, Kevin was responsible for working directly with clients from the scripting stage, all the way through post-production and final delivery. He also managed all schedules, budgets, crews and deadlines for his clients. As Senior Editor, Kevin became familiar with multiple AVID –based editing systems, on both PC and Mac platforms.


In 2001, Kevin formed KDM Productions to handle his freelance projects. This workload took over all of Kevin’s time and it became his full-time company in 2005. Since then, he’s managed to grow his business by continuing to provide high-quality work to such corporate clients as Kaiser Permanente, Orange Glo International, Delta Dental, Simply Fit Board, Great American Country (GAC), CU School of Medicine, Oxi-Clean, Drum Corps International, New York-based Lionsong Entertainment and many other national and international clients.


KDM Productions operates a Final Cut Pro edit system, relationships to provide high-end animation and visual effects, 5.1 surround sound mixing and Sony, Canon and JVC HD Camera Packages.  KDM Productions has won numerous industry awards for their creativity and quality of work. These include multiple Telly Awards, Communicator Awards and Videographer Awards.