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Four Horsemen

“Four Horsemen” Teaser Trailer from KDM Productins – Kevin Mauch on Vimeo.

Video not loading properly? Go to: KDM Productions’ VIMEO page.


“Four Horsemen” is a music video/short film for a song written and performed by Mark Mitten. Mark is a Colorado actor/musician who had a role in Kevin Mauch’s short film, “Pour Me”. Aside from acting in the film, Mark also scored the entire piece. “I had no idea Mark was a musician when I cast him in Pour Me.”, said KDM Productions’ owner Kevin Mauch. “It wasn’t until we wrapped production that I got an email from Mark, with a song attached to it. He said he’d been inspired by the surroundings we were filming in and the overall vibe of the project, so he wrote a tune called “Penitentiary Shadows”. He told me I could use it in the film if I wanted to, but when I listened to it, I heard something in his style that I really like and from then on, we collaborated on him scoring the entire film with original material.”

Another song to come from “Pour Me” was “Four Horsemen”. “In late 2010, Mark approached me about directing a music video for “Horsemen” and of course I was interested. I told him I’d want to do something with the song that brought a third dimension to it….not just an ordinary music video that featured him playing the guitar and singing. There’s nothing wrong with that…it just isn’t something I wanted to do.”, says Kevin. “Mark agreed and let me take my time in coming up with a concept and script. A year and a half later we started production in June 2012 and it’s been a lot of fun to do this project and weave the fabric of a music video into a short, narrative film.”, says Kevin.

A teaser trailer is located at the top of the page. The full-length project is currently in the VFX phase and we plan to release the video when Mark’s next album nears completion.